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CaoYang IDC

JinShaJiang Road No 1340, Building 11#
200333 ShangHai
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Private Cabinets
Partial Cabinets
Individual Servers
Remote Hands
Bare Metal Servers
Public Cloud Servers

Security Monitoring
Front security inquiries , registration
7 * 24 * 365 On duty
Reception inquiries , registration
With security checks
Only managers can get in the central control room
Each room room access control system using SYRIS Lock,
Each room using room access Control System
Set control level and identity

Electrical System
Double circuit power supply UPS , each providing 2 +1 power supply unit backed up by three 300KVA UPS.
UPS Full Load power supply can support half an hour.
Part of the cabinet using STS dual power automatic switching device
Maximum available electric 12 AMP per rack
Intelligent monitoring and alarm systems for each rack
Generator can be started within 15 minutes of emergency ,oil in storage is available for 24 hours.
Room air conditioning systems
N +1 backup configuration, dual power supply, cooling capacity per square meter 1KW, air conditioning election
With HIROSS industrial precision air-conditioning, the use of the air supply / return air on the way, temperature and humidity can keep 22 ´ 1 degrees.
Network conditions
Direct access to Shanghai Mobile mobile metropolitan backbone nodes
Direct access to Shanghai mobile MAN backbone nodes.
Exports 10G +10 G dual cable back up each other, up to the two mobile nodes in metro core places respectively.
China Mobile is an independent carrier,can effectively solve the problem of North-South exchange of China's Internet

CaoYang IDC Pricing
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CaoYang IDC
JinShaJiang Road No 1340, Building 11#
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