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This data center listing is no longer active. The data center may have been closed, sold off, may be fully leased and not accepting new customers or may have been converted for other purposes.

Aconcaguared Telecom 52tga

Aconcaguared Telecom
chacabuco 281
2100384 Los Andes
Valparaiso, Chile
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this is a little datacenter located at los andes chile, with neutral network provided by clarochile empresas and telefonica internet empresas, we are owner of a network with interconnect to the isp,s we have a 60 mt2 of space for server farm, all servers bandwidth and firewall is managed by mikrotik,

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Aconcaguared Telecom
Data Center Operator at
Aconcaguared Telecom 52tga
chacabuco 281
Headquartered in Los Andes, Valparaiso