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Claro Data Center Liray

Liray 18
9390000 Colina
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The Claro Data Center Liray is a cutting-edge facility situated in Colina, near Santiago, Chile. It is a significant addition to the nation's digital infrastructure, showcasing a substantial area of 3,000 square meters.

Designed to adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and security, the data center has achieved Tier IV and LEED BD+C Data Center certifications. The white rooms are meticulously controlled to maintain an environment free of particles and contaminants, which is crucial for the protection and longevity of high-tech equipment.

The advanced temperature, humidity, and air circulation controls within these white rooms ensure that the conditions are always optimal for the equipment housed within. As part of América Móvil's network of world-class data centers, the Claro Data Center Liray plays a pivotal role in establishing Chile as a key digital hub in Latin America.

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Claro Data Center Liray
Liray 18
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