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IP Transit, Ethernet & Carrier Resellers
By Sune Christesen, Dec 6 2009

Recently we have experienced a growing demand from our users to increase our coverage of carriers and connectivity options, in relation to the data centers that we have in our index. We have covered IP transit services (FastE, GigE and 10G IPv4 and IPv6 ports) for some time now, but to improve our coverage we have now added a few new features:

  • Ethernet services
    As an addition to our coverage of IP transit services, we now offer the possibility for carriers offering ethernet services to define it in their network settings. This will list them as offering ethernet services in the data centers where they offer IP transit and allow clients to request quotes for ethernet services from them, in case they are in need of point to point or multipoint private line transport or similar. If you offer point-to-point ethernet / private line transport you can define this by going to “Add/edit networks” in the control panel and editing your networks ASN.
  • Carrier resellers
    Dealing with some of the big wholesale carriers can sometimes be hard and expensive if you are a small fish in the market, which is why a lot of providers go through a reseller of direct port solutions from the wholesale carriers instead. As a part of our upgrade we have included support for carrier resellers, so that it is possible to obtain quotes from a reseller as well instead of just from the carrier directly. If you resell carrier services you can define this by going to “Add/edit networks” in the control panel and adding the carriers AS number(s).
  • Data center connectivity
    The administration of carrier neutral data centers has been improved for colocation providers, as they can now easier administrate which carriers offer IP transit as well as which carriers have their own fiber in their data center(s).
  • Carrier quote forms
    In addition to the general quote form and the quote form at the network pages, we have added a quote form directly to the connectivity tab on data centers (example) and buildings (example). This will make it easier for clients to request quotes for services in a specific data center or building. Furthermore the network quote form has been upgraded so that the client can choose who should receive the request if both resellers and arrangements with the carrier are available (example).

So almost no matter where you are looking for connectivity, we will be able to support you with our wide coverage of carrier presence. Currently we cover about 250 network carriers and more than 1,500 points of presence, including pops from most of the tier 1 networks and the rest of the leading transit providers such as Global Crossing, Telia, Verizon Business (UUNet), Sprint, Qwest, AT&T, AboveNet, Cogent, XO Communications, Savvis, NTT Communications, Level 3, TW Telecom, Comcast, Bell, Tinet (Tiscali), France Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Versatel, Interoute, Lamdanet, COLT Telecom and many more.

You can search for carriers via this search form, to get access to their profile where you can see whois details, upstreams/peers, transit locations and much more, or use the advanced data center search form to find data centers with specific carriers represented.

Apart from these enhancements in relation to carrier services and our former upgrade to include fiber presence and internet exchange points for peering, we have a lot of other carrier and connectivity related upgrades planned for the future. We encourage all carriers to make sure that their presence is properly defined in our database as well as we encourage all carrier neutral data centers to update their profiles with availability of network providers etc.