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43704 Efficiency (IAD44)

Digital Realty
43704 Efficiency Dr
20166 Sterling
Virginia, USA
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The Digital Realty IAD44 data center, located in Northern Virginia, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet the diverse needs of various businesses. The data center spans a total building size of 794,000 square feet (73,765 square meters), providing ample space for single cabinets to full suites, catering to the scalability requirements of enterprises.

In terms of power, the IAD44 data center is equipped with energy-efficient solutions and an UPS redundancy of N+1, ensuring continuous operation and reliability for critical infrastructure. This setup is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted services and supporting the power needs of high-density deployments.

Cooling systems at the IAD44 data center are designed to be both efficient and redundant, with an N+2 cooling redundancy. Such robust cooling infrastructure is essential for optimal performance and reliability, especially when dealing with high-performance computing environments that generate significant amounts of heat.

Security and infrastructure are paramount at the IAD44 data center. The facility boasts comprehensive security features, including 24x7x365 onsite security personnel, CCTV with a 90-day backup, and biometric/photo badge access. These measures ensure that the critical IT infrastructure housed within the data center is safeguarded against various threats.

Overall, the IAD44 data center by Digital Realty represents a blend of space, power, cooling, and security designed to support the demanding requirements of modern IT and cloud computing environments. Its specifications reflect a commitment to providing robust and reliable data center services.

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Digital Realty

Digital Realty

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43704 Efficiency (IAD44)
43704 Efficiency Dr
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