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43790 Devin Shafron Dr

Menlo Equities
43790 Devin Shafron Dr
20147 Ashburn
Virginia, USA
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The data center, previously known as Digital Realty IAD23, is a state-of-the-art facility located in Ashburn, Virginia. This site is part of a larger campus that spans 98 acres and consists of nine data centers. The campus is strategically situated in Northern Virginia's Data Center Alley, making it a critical hub for data traffic and internet connectivity.

Powering the campus is a robust electrical infrastructure. The site receives 80 MW from the Greenway Substation, which is located on the property. Furthermore, the construction of the Enterprise Substation, completed in early 2014, increased the total power capacity available to the campus to 230 MW. This power is distributed to each building through a dedicated underground, concrete-encased duct bank.

The data center's location, design, and power infrastructure make it an ideal choice for companies seeking a reliable and scalable data center solution in one of the most significant data traffic hubs in the world.

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43790 Devin Shafron Drive (Building E)
Company: Digital Realty
Menlo Equities acquired the data center from Digital Realty on September 23, 2021.
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Menlo Equities

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43790 Devin Shafron Dr
43790 Devin Shafron Dr
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