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This data center listing is no longer active. The data center may have been closed, sold off, may be fully leased and not accepting new customers or may have been converted for other purposes.

Tonaquint Data Center

Tonaquint Data Centers, Inc.
912 West 1600 South
84770 Saint George
Utah, USA
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25,000 sq. ft facility

Designed with 17,200 sq. ft. of raised floor (36" floor) includes: Ops
room and staging room

Partitioned into 5 separate suites as you can see in the schematic
attached to this email. (Or customer can take larger space, combine
rooms as needed).

Data Room A - 3,688 sq ft raised floor space
Data Room B - 3,000 sq ft raised floor space
Data Room C - 3,030 sq ft raised floor space
Data Room D - 3,000 sq ft raised floor space
Data Room E - 2,695 sq ft raised floor space


The building design calls for eight 750 KVA UPS units. A, A1 - B, B1 -
C, C1 - D,D1

Current - Two 750 KVA Liebert UPS Units (A & A1) and the redundant
two (B & B1 units coming as we build out our second suite).
Current UPS units will supply power to DATA ROOM A
UPS units B, B1 will supply power to DATA ROOM E
UPS units C, C1 will supply power to DATA ROOM B
UPS units D, D1 will supply power DATA ROOM C
Additional units will be supplied for DATA ROOM D

Building design includes 4 more 750 KVA units (C, C1 & D, D1) coming
into the facility.
The available server load at full buildout will be 2.35 MegaWatts.
We are designed and currently provide a true 2N power solution to dual
corded customers.
Currently 60 percent of DATA ROOM A available for lease with
approximately 300 kW server load available


Tonaquint has been designed for two more 2 MegaWatt generators giving
a total diesel generated power at 6 Megawatts at full load to maintain
Tonaquint currently has one 2 MegaWatt Diesel Generator (CAT) -
standby not continuous duty.

The power feeds into the facility come from the city utility company.
Currently, the data center has a 3000 Amp/2.5kW feed into the building
from the primary 25 MVA substation (Green Valley) and a manual switch
backup to the secondary separate substation (15 MVA - Southgate).


Suite (A) is 3,688 sq. ft. currently with seven ( 1 idle for
redundancy) 30 ton Liebert CRAC units.

Altitude and other restraints, each CRAC can cool up to 86 kW per CRAC.
Current cooling capacity for Data Suite A is around 516 kW.

Full room design is 601 kW.

Currently 60 percent of DATA ROOM A available for lease with
approximately 300 kW cooling available.


Suites B,C,D and E are awaiting build out.


Tonaquint is currently served by two fiber carriers Qwest and
Interlinx, that provide capacity north back to / through SLC and or
South to / through Vegas or L.A.
Currently Lit at Tonaquint are:

Utopia- Full GigE to 10GigE capacity. Current, can upgrade to multiple
360 Networks. Same capacity available. North and South.

Both Utopia and 360 follow what is referred to as the FTV route to
(and through) St. George. Also on this route would be Level3 long-haul
as well as Integra, and Time Warner. The remainder of them have not
opted in to splicing into St. George at this point. Interlinx is a
local fiber provider in St. George that provides connectivity out to
the Gunlock regen/longhaul facility where any of these carriers could
access St. George.
Western Fiber Net will be adding additional long-haul redundancy by
November 2009 with their fiber into the facility and their providers.


* Biometric security
* Video surveillance

* At full buildout the data center will have 48 cameras (GE Topaz)
30 day DVR and we are installing Netbots for each row.

Pricing & Services
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Tonaquint Data Centers, Inc.

Data Center Operator at
Tonaquint Data Center
912 West 1600 South
Headquartered in St George, Utah