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The Kattare network is architected for resiliency and performance. We accomplish these goals using a few different methods.

First, our lines to the Internet utilize two different fiber providers: CenturyLink and Comcast Business. These fiber lines leave our datacenter via two diverse paths. This reduces the chances of damage to one fiber line causing the entire datacenter to go offline.

The fiber lines go to three geographically diverse locations to connect with our upstream providers. Kattare connects to Comcast in Portland, the Westin Building in Seattle and One Willshire in Los Angeles. Performance is enhanced in this setup by connecting to Tier 1 providers in large, carrier-neutral data hotels. This keeps the number of hops and latency low. Resiliency is enhanced not only by having redundant lines, but also by connecting in geographically diverse locations. This means that if the providers in the Seattle area are having problems, Kattare can route traffic via our connections in Los Angeles and Portland to avoid the problems.

Kattare's four upstream providers also provide performance benefits by having a diversity of paths to end-users. By having more paths there is a greater chance of finding a faster path to a particular end-user from our customer's servers. We enhance this by careful choice of Tier 1 providers. Our Verizon Business and AT&T lines both connect to significant numbers of mobile customers efficiently while our Comcast line services customers of one of the largest consumer ISPs in the country.

Kattare connects to each of our upstream providers at a rate of at least 500Mbps and we are constantly reevaluating our bandwidth usage and upgrading our lines.

All of these factors combine to give Kattare low failure rates and high uptimes exemplified by our 99.97% network uptime over the last 9 years as measured by Netcraft.

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