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110 West 7th Street

Prescott Group
110 W 7th St
74119 Tulsa
Oklahoma, USA
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The 110 West 7th Building is a prominent feature of Tulsa, Oklahoma's skyline. Designed in the International Style, it was completed in 1971 and stands at 388 feet tall with 28 floors. Its architecture is marked by a distinctive cubic shape, a pattern of horizontal window rows, and sharp right angles, embodying the post-war modernist aesthetic.

Originally serving as the global headquarters for Cities Service Oil and Gas Corp, the building was a major employment hub, housing 2,300 workers at its peak. It was the largest private employer in Tulsa, reflecting the city's economic vitality during that era.

Today, although no longer a corporate headquarters, the building remains an important office tower. It has experienced changes in ownership and undergone several renovations to modernize its facilities. Despite the shift in its role, the 110 West 7th Building continues to be an integral part of Tulsa's architectural and cultural heritage.

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Windstream TulsaWindstream
TulsaConnect (DC2) OklahomaTulsaConnect

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