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CeraNet DC2

CeraNet, Inc.
within 10 miles from downtown Columbus
43017 Dublin
Ohio, USA

The exact location of this data center is not public,
but it is located within 10 miles from downtown Columbus
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We provide hybrid data center services that combine our highest rates cloud infrastructure, dedicated or leased equipment, and CPE (customer owned colo equipment) into a single high powered & economical solution. As an example, CeraNet is one of only a couple providers with the expertise to provide solutions that allow you to use your own storage services with our compute nodes in our fully redundant cloud infrastructure.

CeraNet provides unmanaged services for clients that have in house experts but want to use our world class infrastructure and management / consulting services for clients that want a more full service solution.

We have multiple high speed fiber connections, on site redundant power generators & UPS units, redundant HVAC, and best of all 24/7 live phone support and service. Multiple layers of physical security and specialized compliance enabled solutions for organizations that fall under PCI, HIPAA, SOX, IRS1075, and other regulation specifications.

This location has multiple power grid connection, large office space available, conference rooms, and many other opportunities.

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CeraNet, Inc.

Data Center Operator at
CeraNet DC2
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio