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Our network operations center is in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio which is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. If you are looking to colocate in Cleveland Ohio sometimes spelled collocation or co-location, you have found the right solution. Collocating a server at Mango Bay Internet is the best way to take advantage of high bandwidth access to your website(s) as well as the flexibility to maintain total control over your server. An alternative to the T1 or T3 connection to the Internet which is very costly, collocated equipment on our network allows you to avoid these monthly overhead costs while reaping the benefits of our network which is in place. It is a cost-effective way to connect directly to our Internet Backbone. Why would you want the costs associated with a T1 line @ $600+ per month or a T3 line @ $4500 a month when you can ship or drop off your equipment here at Mango Bay Internet?

We have many customers who are located throughout the United States that rely on their equipment to be up and running, 24x7x365 and connected to our backbone. We offer a climate controlled room at our offices which is a 1 story building that you can easily get access to. Other companies will offer collocation in a building in downtown Cleveland. Let us save you the time and hassle. Avoid traffic, parking, elevators and complicated access hours and unmanned telco rooms. Our facility is manned during normal business hours and is where we work!

We are proud to be one of the only service providers that had 0% downtime during the blackout of 2003. We gained customers as a result of our competitors not being prepared.

To subscribe for this service, you place your equipment at Mango Bay in our custom designed server room where it remains directly connected to our network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you need to access your equipment, it is available to you 9-5 Monday through Friday, or at other times with 48 hour advance written notice.

All server collocations include the following:
?100 Mb/s Ethernet switch port, Level 5 UTP, 100Base-T
?Continuous connection to the internet backbone via redundant carriers
?First Level of Support*
?Backup Mail Services
?Primary and/or Secondary DNS Services
?19" vertical rack/shelf space or floor space for server
?Electrical outlet
?Air conditioned environment
?Emergency backup power via natural gas and gasoline generators
? Security - Building monitored 24/7 by a professional security company and local surveillance equipment
?Simple reboots as needed


You will need to supply us with whatever equipment want to in order to accomplish your goal and an uninterruptible power supply. Most of our customers have some sort of web server or application server. Others have DNS, Radius, email or specialized video/radio monitoring equipment. The equipment you want to collocate is up to you. We can accommodate special requests. Roof rights are ours, so it is possible to place external antennas or equipment on the roof, if needed.

Here is a short list of possible items needed:
?Web Server
?Operating system (NT, Unix, Linux)
?Internet Server Software (IIS, Apache, etc.)
?Network Card (100Base-T)
?Web reporting software (option)
?UPS/Backup power supply
?Tape Backup

*First Level of Support includes:
?Power Cycling
?Checking Connections
?Reading Output

** Extra Management Hours are available at a rate of:
?$95 per hour during normal business hours
?$125 per hour after business hours/weekends.

We also can assist in the setup/configuration of your equipment. No need to fly out to Cleveland, let our skilled technicians do the work for you. We also have lease rates available for those who need

equipment as part of a semi-managed hosting service.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Mangobay Cleveland, or other data centers in Cleveland or by Mango Bay Internet, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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