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This data center listing is no longer active. The data center may have been closed, sold off, may be fully leased and not accepting new customers or may have been converted for other purposes.

Convergence Center

Convergence Centers
115 S Jefferson Rd
07981 Whippany
New Jersey, USA
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Convergence is a premier, multi-tenant technology and office campus whose prime location, quality space, and sophisticated, mission-critical infrastructure are unmatched by any other business facility in New Jersey. For the first time in many years, new tenants have an opportunity to benefit from the move-in ready advantages of this outstanding property.

Located in Whippany, in the heart of Morris County’s prestigious corporate community, it occupies a bucolic, 67-acre site. A highly secured, serene suburban environment, the campus provides 650,000 square feet in five distinct buildings.

Offering flexible, efficient floor plates, Convergence is well suited to a variety of business/corporate uses. A recent $23 million power upgrade -- including a boost to load capacity and redundancy capabilities - makes the campus especially appealing for data center, disaster recovery, mission critical operations, office, and high density office.

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Convergence Centers

Data Center Operator at
Convergence Center
115 S Jefferson Rd
Headquartered in Whippany, New Jersey