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Cavern Technologies
17501 W 98th St
66219 Lenexa
Kansas, USA
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Cavern Technologies subterranean data center is a smart solution for alternate-site or co-location services. Most data centers and disaster recovery sites are built from the outside in and are not very scalable or flexible to a specific companies needs. If a company impliments a DR solution and starts to run out of room, power, or other resources you would have a hard and expensive time expanding a traditional site. That's one of our main advantages, prove, Cavern Technologies can extend your build-out and add a room, generatior, office space, storage, or whaterver your needs require.

Our facitility has been built from the inside out and can grow as the need arrives with over 200,000 square feet of space available. The entire data center is located on two power grids with seperate feeds into the facility, with additional generator support in case of power outage. Being locate 125 feet underground also gives us a 65 degrees ambient temprature all year round. This low ambient temprature allows are clients to save up to 50% on cooling and enviromental costs.

[X] 24/7 access
[X] 24/7 staff on site
[X] Remote hands available
[X] Automatic fire suppression
[X] Video surveillance
[X] Generator
[X] Alarm system
[X] Aircondition

[X] Rental of rooms - Starting at $1900
[X] Rental of cages
[X] Rental of foot prints
[X] Rental of racks
[ ] Hosting of individual servers
[ ] Dedicated servers
[ ] Virtual servers
[X] Office space


As with any disaster recovery solution connectivity is a critical part of the plan. Our connectivity infrastructure both inside and outside the facility is designed for flexibility and functionality. Internally we have a redundant fiber and copper wiring ring connecting our d-marks, co-location rooms, custom spaces, and desktop recovery area’s. This allows our customers the flexibility to expand and design their network on demand and allows direct connectivity to other spaces, such as our desktop recovery area. Currently we have two major providers with a build-out, we currently in final planning for a duplication of services by other vendors.

Underground fiber cables enter the below ground facility from two completely diverse routes providing the option for total redundancy for SONET based services, including fiber path loop protection and Telco Central Office diversity.
With facilities in place to provide any voice / data services that you may need including DS3 and OC3 service with total redundancy. Below is a list of some of our current sevices utilized by existing Cavern Technologies clients:

* Bandwidth ON DEMAND Services
* T1 and DS1 Service
* GigaMAN
* Dark Fiber Connections
* Voice Grade Services

Cavern Technologies Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Cavern Technologies, or other data centers in Kansas City KS or by Cavern Technologies, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

Cavern Technologies
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Cavern Technologies
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