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Provident Chesterton Campus

Provident Realty Advisors
1110 Pearson Rd
46304 Chesterton
Indiana, USA
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Envisioned as a beacon of technological advancement, the Provident datacenter campus in Northwest Indiana is set to be a formidable presence in the digital landscape. Spanning 200 acres, this ambitious project will feature eight buildings, each with a substantial footprint of 150,000 square feet, designed to cater to the needs of major cloud service providers. An on-site substation will ensure robust power supply, reflecting the campus's commitment to reliability and performance. With a strategic location near Lake Michigan and proximity to Chicago, the campus is poised to become a critical hub for data storage and cloud computing services.

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Data CenterOperated ByDetails
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 5Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 5
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 4Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 4
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 7Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 7
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 8Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 8
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 6Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 6
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 3Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 3
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 2Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 2
Provident Chesterton - Bldg 1Provident Realty AdvisorsBuilding 1

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Provident Realty Advisors

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Provident Chesterton Campus
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