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Edged Chicago Campus

Edged Energy
2725-2815 Bilter Rd
60502 Aurora
Illinois, USA
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The Edged Chicago Campus is a cutting-edge data center located in Aurora, near Chicago. This facility is a beacon of modern engineering and sustainable infrastructure, designed to support the demanding AI-driven workloads of today's digital landscape.

With environmental responsibility at its core, the campus boasts an innovative waterless cooling technology. This system not only ensures operational efficiency but also maintains an impressive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, setting a new standard in the industry.

Spanning over 65 acres, the campus is equipped to provide a substantial 100 MW of capacity. It is perfectly positioned to support the burgeoning digital economy, offering ultra-high densities and contributing to the stability of the local power grid.

Moreover, the Edged Chicago Campus is committed to carbon neutrality. Its design and operations reflect a forward-thinking approach to technology, innovation, and environmental stewardship. As part of a global network of data centers, it stands as a model for future data management and sustainability initiatives.

In essence, the Edged Chicago Campus is more than just a data center. It is a hub of technological advancement and a testament to the future of data management, ready to address the challenges of climate change while powering the next generation of digital services.

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Edged Chicago ORD2Edged Energy
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Edged Energy

Edged Energy

Data Center Operator at
Edged Chicago Campus
2725-2815 Bilter Rd
Site Code: ORD
Headquartered in Darien, Connecticut