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Colocation America MiamiDC1

Colocation America
36 NE 2nd St
Suite 400
33132 Miami
Florida, USA
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Located in Miami, Florida, a major international business hub, Colocation America's Miami datacenter provides businesses with an exceptional colocation solution. This facility's strategic location offers low latency connectivity to South America, making it ideal for companies targeting Latin American markets.

Businesses seeking a datacenter with exceptional connectivity and a secure environment for their critical IT infrastructure will find Colocation America's Miami datacenter a compelling option. Its position as a gateway to the Americas makes it an essential asset for businesses operating within this dynamic region.

Part of 36 NE 2nd St (MIA10)

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Colocation America
Data Center Operator at
Colocation America MiamiDC1
36 NE 2nd St
Site Code: MiamiDC1
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California