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Datacate Santa Clara

Datacate Inc.
2151 Mission College Blvd
95054 Santa Clara
California, USA
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The Datacate Santa Clara data center is a cutting-edge facility situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is engineered to cater to the high-power requirements of contemporary businesses, offering up to 18kW per cabinet/rack with dual power grid feeds. This ensures that the data center can support high power densities and accommodate future growth.

In terms of reliability, the center is equipped with N+1 redundancies for all critical systems, including backup generators, UPS, and cooling systems. These redundancies are crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service and a constant online presence for businesses.

The data center is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability, having achieved LEED, ENERGY STAR, and Green Globes certifications. These accolades underscore its energy-efficient design and environmental responsibility.

For businesses seeking additional services, the Santa Clara data center provides office space, technical workspace, and a full-service lounge. These amenities are designed to meet a variety of professional needs and enhance the overall client experience.

Connectivity is a cornerstone of the Datacate Santa Clara data center. It offers a multi-homed carrier blend with top-tier providers such as Level 3 and Cogent Communications. The facility also supports a comprehensive range of IP addresses, including both IPv4 and IPv6, ensuring optimal network performance and accessibility.

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Datacate Inc.

Datacate Inc.

Data Center Operator at
Datacate Santa Clara
2151 Mission College Blvd
Site Code: SJC1
Headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California