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QTS San Jose

QTS Data Centers
9 Great Oaks Boulevard
95119 San Jose
California, USA
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QTS' San Jose data center serves as a reliable and secure destination to many of the world's high-tech, engineering, computer, Internet content and microprocessor companies. These industry leaders take advantage of the dynamic ecosystem of networks and business partners within this Silicon Valley data center. Located in a strategic market, this facility caters to the highest concentration of high-tech companies in the world.

Designed with power systems that have built-in redundancy, full UPS systems with p to N+1 levels or greater, backup generator systems in the event of a local utility failure. In addition, our teams work with our customers to custom configure data center installations to accommodate specific business and application requirements.

- 126,500 sq. ft. data center
- 4.0 KVA per cabinet
- 3+1 block redundant topology
- 2,460 tons cooling plant- Evaporative cooled refrigeration system with refrigerant side economizer

- Physical- "Man trap" entry
- Human- 24x7 security guards
- Electronic- CCTV and Recorders
- Motion Detection
- Fiber Vault

QTS Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: QTS) is a leading provider of data center solutions across a diverse footprint spanning more than 6 million square feet of owned mega scale data center space throughout North America. Through its software-defined technology platform, QTS is able to deliver secure, compliant infrastructure solutions, robust connectivity and premium customer service to more than 1,100 leading Hyperscale technology companies, enterprises, and government entities.

FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS - our unique portfolio of core data center services and value added services coupled with financial flexibility allows QTS to structure complete solutions that meet both your technical and budget requirements.

SECURE FACILITIES - robust, redundant and protected facilities with highly trained personnel that adhere to strict security procedures guarantees security and reliability.

REAL-TIME VISIBILITY - The QTS Service Delivery Platform (SDP) gives you visibility, access, and control of critical metrics across your entire QTS hybrid IT deployment, both in real-time and on-demand.

EXPERT SUPPORT - QTS ITIL certified operations personnel and monitoring systems support all services and ensure maximum availability and uptime.

QTS Data Centers are designed and built with reliability, redundancy and resiliency in mind. We start with fully-redundant high-density power and cooling capacities, add fully integrated UPS systems, link site-wide security and fire protection systems, and enable comprehensive visibility through our customer portal to provide secure, dependable state-of-the-art data center infrastructure for our customers' web services.

All Quality Data Centers provide mission critical electrical, mechanical, and high capacity network systems. QTS's trained staff includes facility and electrical maintenance engineers, data center operations experts, network architects and security officers committed to providing on-site 24x7x365 support and operations for our facilities. This crucial design philosophy is built into our product to minimize service disruption and ensure the highest level of customer service available. It is this level of experience and proven track record that sets QTS apart from the rest of the industry.

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QTS Data Centers

QTS Data Centers

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