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QuadraNet Los Angeles
530 W. 6th St.
On Penthouse, 9th, 8th, 6th, 3rd Floors
90014 Los Angeles
California, USA
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QuadraNet is one of the leaders in Los Angeles Colocation and one of the original providers of colocation based in the Los Angeles area.
West Coast and Los Angeles colocation cannot be better than with
Our datacenter footprint in LA is over 60,000 square feet spread over 7 individual datacenters in the 530 West 6th Street, Telecom Center LA building.
We are the largest tenant in the building occupying space on 6 different floors.
We operate our LA colo as our primary location, this is not an "secondary" site that has been recently turned up to try and target a different market. The majority of our staff work here out of our LA datacenter offices.
Our support engineers are on-site 24 hours a day.

We mean, actually on-site, 24 hours of every single day. Not "a quick drive away", or "down the street" or "some guy we are friends with who works near by".
Our engineers work for QuadraNet full time and work out of the same datacenters that your equipment is in.

We employ our own in-house staff of network admins, support techs, provisioning techs, datacenter engineering (minor electrical / hvac), and more.
We are fully staffed for most any required tasks in our datacenters.
We are not a "lights out" or "business hours" operation, we are here 24 hours a day.

Our customers have grown to expect a certain level of service, one that we push to provide every single day. We understand that without satisfied customers, we are not in business!

QuadraNet Los Angeles Datacenters Feature:
- Largest tenant in 530 W 6th St.
- 60,000SQFT Private Footprint
- Occupying space on 6 Floors
- 24x7 On-Site Support Staff
- Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Backups
- Caterpillar Diesel Generator Plant
- Directly adjacent to 624 South Grand / 1 Wilshire / CoreSite
- 432 Fiber Strands to One Wilshire - Privately Owned

QuadraNet LA Colocation Network Features:
- Cisco Core Routing Infrastructure
- Redundant Network Cores speaking BGP
- Redundant uplinks to Cores on Distribution Layer
- Multi-Gigabit and 10Gigabit Network Paths
- On-Site Spare Inventory
- Customer Access Ports available at 10,100,1000 Mbps

QuadraNet Los Angeles - N+1 AC & Power
QuadraNet Los Angeles - Private Suites Available
QuadraNet Los Angeles - Biometric Security
QuadraNet Los Angeles - Conference Room View
QuadraNet Los Angeles - Ample Working Space
Also Known As
This data center has alternative names or addresses listed, that it may also be known by.
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PacificRack Data Center
Company: PacificRack
QuadraNet was founded in 2009, following the acquisitions and merges of OC3 Networks, Multipoint and PacificRack
Multipoint Data Center
Company: Multipoint
QuadraNet was founded in 2009, following the acquisitions and merges of OC3 Networks, Multipoint and PacificRack
OC3 Networks Data Center
Company: OC3 Networks
QuadraNet was founded in 2009, following the acquisitions and merges of OC3 Networks, Multipoint and PacificRack
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Data Center Operator at
QuadraNet Los Angeles
530 W. 6th St.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California