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NetDC LAX1 Data Center

Net Data Centers, Inc.
1200 West 7th Street
90017 Los Angeles
California, USA
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LAX1 - 1200 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Following the completion of a $35M infrastructure improvement project in the first quarter of 2009, the Garland Center has distinguished itself as one of the premier critical facility buildings in Los Angeles. NetDC's space within the world-class facility is comprised of over 50,000 square feet, and boasts an impressive 4 megawatts of UPS-backed power.
Facility Specifications:

Raised Floor Area: Approximately 226,943 RSF on Lower Level I & II
Completed: Phase I - 4th Quarter 1983 upgraded 2nd Quarter 2006 Phase II - $35M Critical Facility Upgrade - 1st Quarter 2009
Raised Floor / Load: 18" raised floor by Lisk Approximately 200 pounds sustainable load per square foot
Building Security: 24/7 operations and security personnel present at all times Five (5) video-monitored, private elevators that service the lower levels only
Electrical Power Metering System: Provided by Square D to maintain and control the power usage in all distribution equipment to ensure accurate and real-time reporting on real-time actual power consumption
Commercial Power: Commercial Power is supplied by the Department of Water & Power via one (1) 7,500 KVA transformer
Emergency Generator Power: Emergency Generator Plant is made up of five (5) Cummins Electric 2,250 kW generators resulting in 11.25 MW of total capacity Emergency Generator Plant designed to an N+1 redundancy
UPS Power: Phase I - UPS Power Plant is made up of five (5) Emerson Liebert 750 KVA parallel redundant, UPS Modules resulting in 3,750 KVA of total capacity UPS Power designed and operated to an N+1 redundancy
HVAC: HVAC Chiller Plant is made up of four (4) Trane, 1,200-ton centrifugal chillers resulting in 4,800 tons of total capacity HVAC Chiller Plant is served by (5) Balitmore Aircoil 1,200-ton cooling towers HVAC Plant designed to an N+1 redundancy
Telecommunications: Carrier Neutral Meet-Me-Room available for connectivity use. Three (3) diverse entry points into the building
Fire Suppression: Double interlock, dry-pipe pre-action system

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Net Data Centers, Inc.
Data Center Operator at
NetDC LAX1 Data Center
1200 West 7th Street
Headquartered in El Segundo, California