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ONI is located in the area Luton, United Kingdom (UK), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 07-06-2018.

ONI (plc)
16-24 Crawley Green Road
LU2 0QX Luton
United Kingdom

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ONI's Virtualisation Infrastructure Platforms are based on Cisco's Data Centre 3.0 architecture that deliver next generation data centre infrastructures greatly exceeding the consolidation and virtualisation capabilities of conventional server vendor platforms and enabling us to deliver far greater savings or between 50-70% on overall IT costs to our customers in both server and desktop virtualisation solutions whilst at the same time enabling further capabilities for improving application availability, reducing time to provision and improving service levels for Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity scenarios.

ONI has focused on two VIP models covering:
. Server Consolidation and Virtualisation
. Desktop Virtualisation incorporating unified communications and collaboration capabilities as an integral part of that desktop environment.

Your existing backup/restore solution may or may not be sufficient to fulfil the needs of the present application-siloed environment, but just how will it cope with the entirely new and unique demands of a virtualised infrastructure where multiple virtual machines will reside on the same physical hardware. Very often, complex backup issues and limited data restore options are the factors that limit virtualisation projects from getting any further than the pilot stage.

What is required in Virtualisation environments, is data protection solutions that are designed for virtualisation from the ground up. And by that I mean solutions which make extensive use of the virtualisation API's, solutions that provide data backups and restores in timescales that match the now rapid provisioning times of a virtual server instance, solutions that leverage backup to disk with data de-duplication and storage replication capabilities to off site the data and solutions that can be leveraged for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes.

ONI's Data Centre Services team can assess your business requirements, we can look at your existing environment and we can design data protection solutions that deliver incredibly granular Recovery Point Objectives with incredibly short Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and get your data and servers back online with the most recent copy of data.

So we've taken these industry leading Virtualisation Infrastructure Platforms, secured them with award winning data protection and enterprise class storage technologies and have deployed these within our purpose built Tier 3+ data centre in Luton. And then with these uber-virtualisation infrastructures we have built some Cloud Services that both we, ONI, are consuming and that our Data Centre practice is offering our customers:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), delivers a hardware and virtualisation layer for our customers to deploy their own applications with no upfront costs for hardware just a simple utility cost for the provision of it.

For customers in our data centre who are using IaaS, or even colocation racks, we have Storage as a Service (STaaS) which provides them with secure, resilient storage capacity provided on enterprise class storage arrays and priced as a utility.

Backup as a Service (BaaS) providing online fast, and non intrusive backup of virtual environments (ours or yours) to disk and off-sited.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), providing a combination of Infrastructure, Storage and VM Replication to provide a cost effective, expedient disaster recovery capability with none of the capital expense of a typical DR deployment.

The most important features of all of these Cloud Services is that our customers only pay for the services they receive and none of the investment infrastructure that ONI continues to make. We invest in infrastructure, skills and platforms to provide our customers with a tangible service that can be measured against SLAs, it can be turned up or down and most importantly it has a cost which relates directly to how much service you consume. Its exactly what we've been doing with electricity since the industrial revolution.

Managed Hosting Services where we take all of the above technologies, perhaps even combined with ONI's other technology streams such as Call Centre, Unified Communication or Connectivity and deliver an entire solution hosted within our data centre and managed by our specialist expertise.

With our expertise, experience and accreditation's from Cisco, we are uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions encompassing and integrating the 3 core technologies of how our customers collaborate with each other, how they communicate with their customers and how they accomplish this using the most reliable, most scalable and most agile infrastructure available at the lowest cost.


.Luton, Bedfordshire, 2 miles from Jct 10 of M1
.35 miles from City of London

.19,000 sq ft facility
.2x 2,600 sq ft data centre halls
.Up to 240 racks
.upto 20Kw per rack
.Communal & Caged rack space
.Data Centre floor space
.Dual Diverse feeds for each rack
.1MvA supply upgradeable to 2MvA
.Dual Diesel Backup Generators
.Dual UPS Plant Rooms
.4x 100KvA free-air energy efficient cooling in
each data centre hall
.VESDA smoke detection
.Availability & Monitoring Customer Portal
.Diverse fibre building entries
.Diverse connectivity to leading Telcos
.Managed Internet available to each rack

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