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4 Ivan Lepse blvrd
03680 Kyiv
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The DataFLEX - Commercial Data Center complying the TIER 3 level of TIA 942 standard. In addition, the Data Center is completely protected from electromagnetic radiation in accordance with the National Bank of Ukraine ruling # 243 from 07.04.2007.

All the elements of infrastructure - power supply, cooling, cable networks - are reserved by the scheme N+1 and above. Access control, fire alarms and other security subsystem provides the highest level of protection. The firefighting system is based on the Novec 1230 gas - innovative substances with the maximum efficiency and the absolute safety for equipment and humans.

Due to the unique layout of equipment (The "FLEX-Integration" know-how) and use of 1200 mm server cabinets the highest power density is achieved - IT equipment power can reach more than 20 kW per cabinet.

The whole infrastructure is controlled by the single monitoring system, and round the clock maintenance is provided by specialists of the company dispatch center.

New Premium-Class Data Center is ready to provide outsourcing services for the most demanding customers. The DataFLEX offers a full range of Commercial Data Center services. The "FLEX-Integration" Dispatch Center offers the outsourcing services for your Data Center as well.

The DataFLEX - is not just a Data Center but the new Concept of Data center constructing. The DataFLEX Concept is the ideal solution for the most customers who are planning to build their own Data Center.

DATAFLEX - Scalability
DATAFLEX - Data Center in Kyiv
DATAFLEX - Fire protection
DATAFLEX - Electromagnetic protectio
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Data Center Operator at
4 Ivan Lepse blvrd
Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine