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Kurenivska str. 21 A
04073 Kyiv
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Data Center BEMOBILE - the most advanced data center, enterprise-level class Tier III standard, TIA-942. He was commissioned in late 2009 and occupies a leading position in the market for commercial data centers.
Data Center BEMOBILE provides data storage and processing to corporate customers, the most demanding of reliability and resiliency of IT infrastructure.
Total power of customer equipment that may be allocated in the new Datacenter - 1,3 MW. Furthermore, there is a possibility to increase electrical supply systems.
Electrical supply is provided under first category of special group - two independent input feeders, plus diesel generator system. Uninterrupted power supply system built under N+1 scheme. Two independent electrical supply lines ran from UPS system into each equipment closet.
In the Datacenter a zone cooling system are used with components being reserved under N+1 scheme.
Datacenter is equipped by automatic gas fire fighting enabling at breakneck speed to eliminate the fire hearth provided that it is completely safe for equipment.
All Datacenter engineering systems work is controlled monitoring system with technical support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 265 days per year. Datacenter is under around-the-clock guard security with reliable access control system.
There is also a possibility of area rent in the Datacenter enabling customers to install their own equipment closets.

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Data Center BEMOBILE
Kurenivska str. 21 A
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