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Data-center company "Adamant" - is a high-tech complex, which has all the special conditions for the provision of quality services for equipment placement. The data center is focused on servicing the demanding corporate customer, confirming the external and internal infrastructure.

First stage of Adamant LLC Data-centre was built in 2008, second stage – in 1Q2009.
Full server rooms area is about 150 sq. m. Also it is possible to allocate dedicated server rooms to a clients making special demands to a data-centre infrastructure.
Currently in the data-centre are placed 28 42U server racks and there is an additional space for 13 more. Total mounting space of data-centre is more then 1700 units.
Total projected electrical power of data-centre is 250 kW.
Data-center was built mainly by own Adamant LLC staff (design, construction, installation works are covered with license AB 555494 dated 21 Sep 2010 , information security are covered with licenses AB 548161 dated 24 Sep 2010, AG 500744 dated 15 Aug 2011 for technical and cryptographic information security respectively).
At the beginning of 2009 dedicated protected Data-centre has been launched for ProFinBank PJSC (Société Générale Ukraine).
At the beginning of 2010 dedicated protected Data-centre has been launched for Credit Agricole Ukraine PJSC.
Both of them meet all requirements to the protected bank server rooms as described in NBU resolution ?243 dated 4th Jul 2007. Data-centres are EM-shielded, has two power inputs each, are equipped with automatic gas fire-extinguishing system, cooling, access control and video surveillance systems. Communications with other premises are provided both by optical and copper wiring.
At 4Q2012 Adamant plans to launch new Data-centre premises of 3000 units and 2×400kW power meeting Tier IV requirements.
High-speed Internet access
Data-centre network is connected to the routers of backbone network of Adamant LLC (which is a large telecommunications operator, license ???593154 dated 29 Sep 2011). Adamant LLC owns optical network capable of providing N×40 Gbps data transfer speed. The connectivity is provided by 10 fiber-optics cables, running to the Data-centre by different routes, total cables capacity is more then 500 fibers. All data channels are reserved, which ensures a high level of fault tolerance.
The network core is based on the of Juniper Networks and Extreme Networks equipment. Elements of core are also reserved.
Equipment, network and services control is provided by Nagios monitoring system.
Adamant LLC uses network and server equipment of world known leaders, such as Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Dell and others.
Adamant Data-centre is secured by own security service, performing visitors identification and authentification tasks, and Government security service. The territory of the Data-centre premises is covered with more, the 30 video surveillance cameras.
Automatic fire-extinguishing system of the Data-centre is based on «Impulse-20» modules also in every room there are placed additional manual fire-extinguishers.
Cooling system consists of CRACs by Emerson, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. General cooling power is 156 kW and can be increased by demand.
Cabling solutions are provided by R&M and Molex.
Particular attention is paid to power quality control: installed Diris and Control Vision control systems by Socomec Group (France). The solution allows remote monitoring and analysis of the state of the more then 250 parameters of electrical network (voltage, current, active and reactive power, harmonic content, etc.).
Automatic Mains Switch is based on motorized power switches CSMS series by Technoelectric S.r.l. (Italy), which allows manual operation also. Mains switch scheme allows to perform service works without load disconnection.
Uninterruptible power is provided by Powerware 9125 series, General Electric LP33 and APC SmartUPS RT power supplies. They are intended to power the load during small time (less then 1 minute) until the diesel-generator is started maximal backup duration is about 8-10 minutes.
There is 250kW diesel-generator is used by Czech company MEZ AS Nedvedice. At the moment installation of second more powerful generator is planned.
Professional staff
In the Data-centre are constantly on duty 3 employees (2 engineers and security).

ADAMANT - Datacenter - Adamant
ADAMANT - Datacenter 2 - Adamant
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