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Vital Technology

Vital Technology
NILTIM 633. Sk. No:13/3
16110 Bursa
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Our company has been in business since 2005. We operated under “Vit Communications and Internet Services” (Vital Hosting) name. On January 7,2008 we opened our datacenter -that we prepared with a very strong and professional infrastructure- in an industrial district in Bursa, Turkey and changed our name as “Vital Technology Telecommunications Computer Services and Incorporated Company”.
By inceasing the quality of our services, we aim to be always fast, continuous and have one of the most secure internet connection. Our objective is to have an assertive market share both in personal and enterprise usage so that we can step forward among other professional datacenters in Turkey. We want to make our customers live the economic and qualified service as in Europe so that make a difference among our competitors.
Vital Datacenter is designed for 1250 servers with extra cooling, extra UPS and generator to allow continuous service and support. We give the best solutions to the market. For physical security, we have camera and alarm systems and we take the records of them 24/7 to outer locations. The records are mirrored simultaneously. The entries are reported and kept under control.

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Vital Technology
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Vital Technology
NILTIM 633. Sk. No:13/3
Headquartered in Bursa, Turkey