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Ankara Data Center is located within Teknokent campus of METU. Ankara Data Center has a total area of 450 m2. 200 m2 of this area is used for system room and 250 m2 for other facilities.

It is possible to generate power for 10 hours with a power generator of 500 KVA capacity in case of power outage. Amplitude and frequency checks of the power being used for information technology equipment of Data Center are performed by an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with 400 KVA capacity, which was parallel connected, based on N+1 logic.

Ankara Data Center is cooled by DX type air-conditioning equipment that operate independently in each system room.

All rooms of Data Center (operator room, system rooms, electricity/UPS rooms, and warehouse) have fire detection and extinguishing systems. These systems operate actively in two different levels of each independent section (first level is between the ground and suspended ground whereas second level is between the suspended ground and ceiling). FM200 and Novec 1230 gases were used for fire extinguishing system. There are also nonconductor fire extinguishers, distributed around the Data Center.

All air-conditioning, fire and water detection systems, UPS and power generators operate as integrated with infrastructure monitoring application.

Biometrical passage security systems are used at the main entrance and system rooms of the center. This system only allows the persons that are defined according to their iris samples and entrance logs are archived.

40U and 42U cabinets are used as standard in system rooms. Power is supplied to cabinets from two different energy pools. Redundant power is supplied to active devices to be put into the cabinets.

Operations are performed for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in Data Centers. There are at least two operators in Data Center in every shift. Operational controls (infrastructure controls, etc.) at the data center are performed by this team.

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