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Systemec Datacenter DC19

Systemec B.V.
Marinus Dammeweg 19
5928 PW Venlo
Limburg, The Netherlands
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Systemec's datacenter 19 is focused on efficiency and reliability. The Power Utility Efficiency (PUE) of the datacenter is lower than 1.2. This means that "Green Thinking|" is used while designing and building this datacenter, in order to satisfy the demands of our relations, with regard to mutual green ambitions.

TIER3+ guidelines are the basis guidelines of the technical design of the new datacenter. The datacenters (DC19 and Systemec's DC Nettetal) are connected to two separate power supplies in the Euregion (Germany and the Netherlands) and due the dataconnection between the datacenters, it creates a platform with maximum redundancy, which is the highest possible reliability degree for a datacenter.

. The datacenters use two separate energy networks
. Power supply: maximum 64 Ampere
. 24/7 access to your own devices
. Sufficient possibilities to scale up
. Personal contact and direct connections

For more information, please contact us:
Phone: +31 (0)77-382 85 80

Systemec Datacenter DC19 - DC 19 Free Air Cooling
Systemec Datacenter DC19 - DC 19
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Systemec B.V.

Data Center Operator at
Systemec Datacenter DC19
Marinus Dammeweg 19
Headquartered in Venlo, Limburg