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Switch Datacenters AMS6

Switch Datacenters Amsterdam
within Schiphol data center cluster
1435 EK Rijsenhout
The Netherlands

The exact location of this data center is not public,
but it is located within Schiphol data center cluster
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Switch Datacenters AMS6 represents a new era in data center technology, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. Located in the Schiphol data center cluster, AMS6 is a 25,000m² facility designed to be ultra-sustainable, boasting a substantial 45MW/60MVA power capacity. This state-of-the-art data center is currently under development, transforming from a logistics hall into a high-end, AI/HPC-ready center.

A key feature of AMS6 is its commitment to environmental responsibility. The heat generated by the servers is not wasted but is instead captured and repurposed to supply greenhouses, aiding in the cultivation of crops, plants, and flowers. This initiative is a step towards a CO2-free metropolitan region of Amsterdam, as it helps the greenhouse industry move away from fossil fuels.

The design of AMS6 incorporates hybrid cooling technologies, ensuring optimal conditions for modern high-density servers. In collaboration with CoolIT from Canada, a leader in next-gen cooling technology, AMS6 is setting up a demonstration to showcase how data centers can evolve into fossil-free heat plants. The CO2 footprint of AMS6 is projected to outperform all surrounding data centers, serving as a blueprint for future designs and supporting large customers in significantly reducing their CO2 impact in data centers.

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Switch Datacenters Amsterdam

Switch Datacenters Amsterdam

Data Center Operator at
Switch Datacenters AMS6
Site Code: AMS6
Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands