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Red Bee Media
Koos Postemalaan 2
1217 ZC Hilversum
The Netherlands
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The Media Gateway was built in 2001 to become the media exchange of the broadcast industry in the Netherlands. It was the first commercial carrier-neutral datacentre on the Mediapark with the ambition to connect all parties in the media industry and become THE broadcast media hub. Today dozens of media and telecom companies are connecting with each other.

Our modern and carrier-neutral datacentre is the perfect place for co-location and connectivity. It is located at the Media Park in Hilversum (+ 3m NAP above sea-level) and directly connected to all major carriers, telco's, ISP but also with an ever-growing number of football stadiums, television studios and event locations.

We offer media and telecom companies secure and reliable datacentre services with easy access to all of our managed services - the Red Bee Media - Global MCR, Global Wide Area network, Playout, Media Management, Managed OTT and Channel Store.

The facility provides its customers access to all Red Bee Media hubs in the world through the Red Bee Media Global Wide Area Network and to all main datacentres in Europe. In this way customers can benefit from the entire Red Bee Media Portfolio, our Geographical redundant solutions and breakout options in all main datacentres in Europe to connect even more ISPs and all parties with presence or connectivity to these datacentres.

The datacentre meets all modern requirements for power and emergency power supply, cooling, security and connectivity. There is more than 1400m2 of net customer space with shared rooms, private rooms and cages. We offer our customers cold aisle, full-rack and half-rack configurations.

The Media Gateway provides:

Three 2N redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feeds (6 units), a UPS battery time up to 15 minutes at full load and backed up with a N+1 power redundancy provided by 3×950 kW generator sets.

A robust full function air conditioning system, with cooling, humidity and de-humidification control. The datacentre can be cooled by 3x proprietary chillers and 3x dry coolers and has N+1 cooling redundancy.

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Red Bee Media
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Media Gateway
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