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Cessnalaan 50 (AMS7)

Digital Realty
Cessnalaan 50
1119 NL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Previously known as Interxion AMS7. Interxion was acquired by Digital Realty in 2022 and rebranded its data centers to the Digital Realty brand in 2022.

The campus supports the latest high-density power configurations and has been designed using energy-efficient modular architecture.

Interxion's Amsterdam campus offers:
- A large and growing community of carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges and other connectivity partners to help you reduce the cost of network access and improve performance.
- Access to more the major carriers/ISPs and direct access to the NL-ix Internet exchange and AMS-IX, Amsterdam Internet exchange.
- Dual-entry fibre and SLA-based cross connects.

Interxion's Amsterdam data centres provide managed power with resilience built in all the way to the cabinet and server if required, and a minimum N+1 configuration on power infrastructure. Features include:
- Up to 99.999% availability SLAs on power
- 2N UPS redundancy
- A full range of AC and DC output currents
- Backup generators supporting 24 hours at full capacity, with guaranteed refueling within 4 hours

The data centre buildings are typically designed with five layers of physical security which includes trained security staff who are on site 24/7. The data centres are ISO and BS certified for information security management systems.

Interxion use fire-retardant walls, very early smoke detection apparatus, direct lines to fire stations and automatic gas-based fire suppression systems. All equipment is maintained and monitored in a climate-controlled environment and there are SLAs on temperature and humidity SLAs in line with ASHRAE recommendations.

The entire facility infrastructure is monitored 24/7 (chillers, CRACs, fire panels, generators, UPS, etc.) Interxion guarantee minimum N+1 CRAC redundancy per room and N+1 very early smoke detection apparatus.

Interxion are committed to the use of sustainable energy such as free cooling, ground water cooling and waste heat re-use, but never at the expense of reliability and availability. The Amsterdam data centres use 100% certified green power from biomass, wind and water. The facility environment is continuously monitored to constantly improve efficiency.

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Interxion AMS7
Company: Interxion
Interxion was acquired by Digital Realty in 2020, and rebranded the entire portfolio of data centers to Digital Realty in 2022.
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Digital Realty

Digital Realty

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Cessnalaan 50 (AMS7)
Cessnalaan 50
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