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Binero STO1

Binero Group AB
Karlbergsvägen 110
186 42 Vallentuna
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Binero enables sustainable digital development for companies and organizations with qualified needs in a wide range of cloud and IT infrastructure solutions. Our data center uses renewable energy and generates reusable heat for nearby residents. Binero STO1 was the first datacenter in the world to receive the Fossil Free Data Center certification.

Whether you want to use your own hardware, colocation, or run your applications in our public cloud, we offer secure and straightforward Swedish cloud services from our data center outside Stockholm.

All parts of the infrastructure for energy and cooling are redundant according to level A+B. This means that the STO1 has two separate power supply systems and two separate cooling supply systems, each of which is redundant. The systems are designed to individually handle the entire IT load, if necessary. The cooling systems are also redundantly built. Cooling circuit A takes its primary coolant from heat pumps connected to the district heating network and its secondary coolant from free cooling units located on the property. Cooling circuit B is identically structured but with completely separate equipment.

In terms of capacity, each rack has two supplies of 32 amps. This means that the maximum power that can be loaded in a rack is 22kw with full A+B redundancy or 44kw with standard N+1 redundancy (diesel and UPS).

Cabling between racks is provided entirely according to the customer's request or according to our standard. All the network (both fiber and copper) are measured to the strictest standards and logged to ensure that cabling is never a source of error.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Binero STO1, other data centers in Vallentuna or operated by Binero Group AB, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Binero Group AB

Data Center Operator at
Binero STO1
Karlbergsvägen 110
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden