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Rockan Data Center AB

Rockan Data Center AB
within 15 km from highway
16341 Stockholm

The exact location of this data center is not public,
but it is located within 15 km from highway
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In a world where we are increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks, and where personal and corporate data has become more valuable but more vulnerable, we must prioritise the protection of our data. Rockan was created to meet this need. We are based in one of the safest and most sustainable locations in the world buried 60 metres under granite rock in a military grade nuclear bunker. With state-of-the-art facilities and using the latest technology, it is our mission to protect our clients' most valuable information. Everything we do must be driven to support our position as Europe's most secure data center.

ROCKAN Data Center is one of the most secure and state of the art data centers in the world, located in a former military facility in central Sweden.

The former military facility were ROCKAN Data Center is located cannot only survive a direct nuclear strike, but also carry on its mission in a post nuclear environment. ROCKAN Data Center operates their data center in central Sweden with great redundant connectivity to the rest of the world. The data center uses extremely little energy for cooling the servers as the center uses the rocks natural cooling properties to maintain cool temperatures in server rooms.

Among ROCKAN Data Center's customers are international companies with high demands on security, companies and organizations whose IT is business critical and may not go into operation, regardless.

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Rockan Data Center AB

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Rockan Data Center AB
Headquartered in Spånga, Sweden