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Area X

Fiberdata AB - Area X
Kvarnkroken 7
82292 Gävle
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The need to protect servers and data is more important than ever. In the event of server failure or power outage that damages important company information, public and private organizations must have their systems restored and verified by professionals.
Regardless of whether you choose to enhance your security with a leased server or with your own equipment, it is time to call the anonymous data center heroes in our secure data center.


In a very different political climate over 50 years ago, the Cold War gripped the world with perceived threats close to home. Tension increased between east and west. Rock shelters were built all over Sweden that would give the best possible protection in the event of a catastrophe.
On the edge of G´vle, in J´rvstaberget, the Swedish Ministry of Defense created an 800 m2 nuclear bomb shelter in solid granite that still exists today.

The facility was built to function as a military crisis command center. Hidden 30 meters underground and designed to be as concealed as possible, the site was not even marked on official maps. The secure underground rock shelter has since been transformed into Sweden's Data Center Stronghold, and its location is no longer a secret. Area X and its staff are there to secure critical public interests and vital information in public and private organizations.


With its solid granite roof, floor and walls, Area X today provides natural security for storage, data and network communication. The unique facility is highly secure and provides excellent protection from lightning, radio emissions and other atmospheric disturbances, such as solar storms. Our facility uses highly discrete connections to redundant Internet Transit in two physically separate locations in Stockholm.

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Fiberdata AB - Area X
Data Center Operator at
Area X
Kvarnkroken 7
Headquartered in Gävle, Sweden