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Gasan Digital 1-ro 189
37371 Seoul
South Korea
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Ehost Internet Data Center in LG CNS Building:

Carrier Neutral

1. Building outline

- Construction commenced : 2009
- Scale : 1 underground floor, 13 above ground floors
- Site area : 14,946 m2
- Floor area : 75,041 m2
- Machine Room area : 12,060 m2

2. Characteristics

- Earthquake resistant design : up to 7.0 on the Richter scale
- Exclusive power supply for both main and reserve power, redundant backup power system
- Modular/tailored facility environment and green IT solution application

3. Earthquake facilities

- Resistant to up to 0.2g of seismic acceleration : Richter scale 7.0

4. Flooding (tsunamis, floods)

- Located in a safe zone away from risk inducing structures (Digital City)
- Located in a flood safe zone (7m above water level)

5. Power supply method

- Redundant supply line from Korea Electric Power Corporation
- Direct connection to the substation forlarge-scale power distribution (exclusive line)
- Physical separation of incoming lines and pipes
- Redundant ALTS and MOF high voltage lines
- Backup high voltage transformers installed
- Transformer and UPS N+1 methodology

6. UPS and emergency power generation

- Redundant exclusive UPS and physically redundant lines
- Emergency power generator

7. Cooling systems

- Main supply : Cooling tower
- Backup supply : Emergency distributed cooling source in 8 areas for a distributed vertical conduit system
- Redundant coolant circulation pump and coolant supply conduits
- Efficient management of the fan inverter control

8. Isothermal-humidity system

- Some of the thermo-hygrostats installed in the computer rooms are designed to admit outdoor air during winter, reducing power consumption for cooling and realizing a green data center.
- Format : Water-cooled
- Humidification : Separate humidifiers
- Backup thermo-hygrostats

9. Central air

- Cool and hot zones are separately designated, and separate partitions are installed in cool zones to block flow of cool air. This centralized cooling design promotes power saving.
- Servers separated for each customer(separate cool & hot zones).
- Grill vents are arranged in cool zones for air conditioning.
- Separate partitions are installed for containment of cool airflow.
- Temperature sensors are installed in cool zones for cooling facilities.

10. Building security systems

- Bulletproof film on all first floor outside windows
- Glass damage sensors
- Fire detection systems (state of the art CCTV)
- Bollards (posts) installed to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry

11 Entry/exit control system

- Lobby entry/exit control
- Constant security staff presence and speed gate
- Lockers to store valuables
- Entry/exit control for the computer room : Interlocking Door (primary biometric recognition system, secondary weight sensor)
- Integrated security office operations

12. Vehicle control system

- Control of incoming cars through security staff
- Entry/exit control through RF Tags
- Roadblocks (control of cars entering throughthe exits)
- Operation of elevators exclusively for vehicle drivers

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