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Rental of cages, footprints, racks (also 1/2 and 1/3 of rack with dedicated key) and rack space for servers.

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Sergej Bjelovuk



- The size of the system hall is 200 m2
- Antistatic floor
- No double floors
- The load of the floor is 3 tons per m2 (facility built on the top of atomic shelter)
- No lowered ceilings
- The height from the floor to the ceiling is 4.5 m

- The cables have been led through the building by ceiling cable system
- The cables have been installed into rack lockers vertically from the ceiling cable system
- The cables within the building are fully protected
- The cables that are used are: halogen free, cat 6, single mode FO

- 24h professional physical security
- entrance control through Biometry and Identix V70 system
- there is a possibility of a remote surveillance of entrance control by IP
- the object has Intelex video surveillance
- there is a possibility of remote video surveillance
- all events in the object are recorded and kept permanently
- the object has the alarm system
- clients can check their devices at any time without announcement
- the object has all permits and certificates in the area of security

- The power supply in the object is direct and comes from two diverse sources
- 360KW of capacity
- The ground circuit of the object and metal surfaces in Rack closets is complete

- Data Center is equipped with 2x(N+1) redundant UPS system (2 x APC Symmetra)
- The power of the UPS device is 2 x 80 kW
- The autonomy of UPS device work is 15 minutes
- There is a plan for maintenance and testing the UPS device

- The Data Center has a Caterpillar generator of 550 kVA
- Power 550 KVA
- It can work without intervention for 24 h
- The possibility of adding fuel without interrupting work
- Power ratio UPS/Agregat i 1/3
- The time for switching on and off (stabilization) 10 seconds
- There is a plan for maintenance and testing of the aggregate

- The object has the most modern air-conditioners
- The object has a redundant air-conditioning system
- Cooling capacity (Btu/H) is 450000 Btu
- Working temperatures 22°
- The expected temperature in the system hall at maximal force with only half of air conditioning capacity is 22°
- There is a plan for maintenance and testing of the air-conditioners

- The object has humidity sensors
- The object has fire detectors and fire protection system
- The object has fire extinguishers
- Water cannot enter the object
- The object has permission from firefighting police and all required certificates

- The object has communication lines with all major Serbian ISP's
- Redundant connection with both Telekom Srbija and SBB (separate building entry, connections to diverse parts of carriers'networks)
- The copper and optical cables are installed inside the object
- Option for separate backup line via dedicated wireless connection (up to10Mb/s)

Absolut OK is offering two types of Telehousing service. It is possible to lease the rack
space, as well as thebox (cage).
Rack space includes the lease of U42 Rack closets 600*900*42U, it is possible to lease 1/1 (complete U42 Rack), 1/2 (the half of the Rack closet, i.e. U21) and 1/3 (one third of the Rack closet, i.e. U13).
Leasing the Box space (cage) includes a space which is surrounded with aluminum walls and which is used for storing telecommunication equipment of our clients. This kind of lease also includes implementation of biometrical entrance control system, as well as special surveillance with IP video camera, according to the client's demands.

Apart fromthe physical and technical security, a plan for user's security can be made, at user's request. By making the plan all the following aspects of security are taken into consideration:
- Antivirus protection of the user
- Installation and adjustment of the Firewall in order to prevent unauthorized systemcrash
- The kind of encryption and the way of encrypting data in transfer system
- Protection and encryption of VPN connections towards other location in the country and abroad
- Installation of software for supervising Internet/intranet flow and monitoring the work of employees in order to prevent malpractice

Absolut OK provides unlimited telephone and e-mail support in solving all problems related to using the Data Centre. In case there is a demand for intervention from Absolut OK at the location of Data Centre, Absolut Ok will provide the suitable team of experts who will react at the user's request, and within 15 minutes. It is possible to provide other necessary types of technical support. Our staff is at your disposal any time of the day, 24 hours and all year long.

AOK DC - security
AOK DC - entrance
AOK DC - main hall
AOK DC - cages
AOK DC - location
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