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Mobily Tier-3 Dammam

11423 Adama
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
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a-Cooling system: Chilled water cooling system, dual flow and return with isolating valves at each T section.4 x. air cooled water chiller for Data Center, N+1

b- CRAH redundancy N+1, Data Center equipment demand cooling load is 1000 W/m2.

c-Fuel Oil: Generator fuel oil storage 67 hours capacity at 100% load

D-BMS Computerized Building Management System M&E equipment verification and management

a-Design load: The electrical connected load is 10.75 MVA with a demand load of 9 MVA.

b-Transformers: 8 x 2500 kVA power transformer, 380/220V, 3P, 4W 60 Hz.

c-Generators: 5 x 2000 kVA/1600 kW Rated Diesel Generators, Design in N+1.

d-Paralleling Switch gear: Two set of paralleling switchgear for concurrently maintainable requirements monitored and controlled by two separate Load Shedding Panel.

e-UPS: parallel redundant system in N+N configuration, 200 KVA modular units with 30 minute battery autonomy at full load.

f-Rectifier System Active + Active System, (N+N) at 200 W/m2, 1000 Ah for 2 hrs + 2hrs battery autonomy time.

g-Security System: IP access control system and IP CCTV integrated with BMS for On-Off Status only as per Security Department requirement.

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