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MegaFon Samara Data Center

OJSC «MegaFon»
Krasnyy pahar krasnoglinskyy rayon
446087 Samara
Samarskaya oblast, Russia
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- 900 million Rubles ($30 million) investment
- The center’s infrastructure comprises the data centre itself, its own on-site power substation, a diesel generator, a dedicated boiler station, secure perimeter fencing and a guardhouse
- The center covers 6,912 square meters (74,400 square feet) features six server halls of - 400 square meters (4,300 square feet), main and redundant power supplies and a control center
- Up to 200 GB/s bandwidth capacity in energy-saving mode
- 8 MW power system
- The center was designed and built to meet EIA/TIA-492 standard specifications (“Telecommunications Cabling Systems Standards for Data Center Infrastructure”). The project fully complies with the standard’s requirements: it is a stand-alone building located in a flood-safe area remote from residential properties. The site utilizes redundant power supplies guaranteeing 100% availability (two independent power inputs), has high bearing strenght — up to 5,000 kilos per square meter, a safe modern fire extinguishing system and is protected 24 hours a day by security guards.
- Uptime Institute’s provisional assessment indicates that the Samara center is designed and built in accordance with the reliability requirements of Tier 3. An official certificate for the site will be issued at the beginning of 2011.

MegaFon Samara Data Cente
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OJSC «MegaFon»
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MegaFon Samara Data Center
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