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"Dubrovka" data center is located 35 km away from St.Petersburg near "Nevskaya Dubrovka" train station. Data center occupies its own isolated building with a total area of 1,500 sq.m. The server room area is 750 sq.m. This area houses three server rooms containing 80 server racks each, precision air conditioners and UPS clusters. UPS battery cabinets and UPS clusters are placed in separate room.

The data center uses two independent 2,5MW power inputs. Power supply regularity is ensured by two independent General Electric UPS clusters, with N+1 redundancy and guaranteed 10 minutes minimum operation time. In case of simultaneous power cutoff on both inputs four Gesan diesel generators with automatic power up system is provided. DGs backup the total power of the data center. Guaranteed DGs operation without refueling time is 24 hours.

Server room micro climate is controlled by UNIFLAIR precision air conditioners with four external chilling plants. The air conditioning system is 2N redundant. The cooling system is based on the principle of complete separation of hot and cold airflows which leads to significant efficiency improvements. Cold corridor temperature is +20±2°?..

Data center has it's own optical links with basic internet exchange points on Bolshaya Morskaya, 18 and Borovaya, 57.

Data center provides modern security systems that will prevent unauthorized access in the building and and on the territory of data center. We have 24/7 armed security posts at the building and adjacent territory entrances. More than 50 surveillance cameras are watching every room, every entrance and building perimeter. Every room equipped with video cameras, smoke detectors and access control systems based on magnetic stripe cards. Server rooms equipped with automatic gaseous fire suppression systems.

The key data center systems are controlled by minimum 5 employees 24/7. Our technical support service is always ready and waiting to help you install, set up and maintain your equipment.

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