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AdNet - DataCity Bucharest

BinBox Global Services
Blv. Pipera, Nr.1/VI
077190 Voluntari
Ilfov, Romania
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Availability higher than 99.982%
Redundant power elements with independent
circuits paths configured in as 1+1
Redundant cooling elements with
independent circuits paths configured in as N+1
Provides concurrent maintenance

Optimized IT Equipment arrangement in Cold/Hot Aisle
Advanced multistep cooling control allow for high efficiency
Integration of green energy such as photovoltaic and wind turbine
High performance rectifiers, inverters and accumulators in UPS system
Targeted PUE - Power usage effectiveness lower than 1.3 for 100% load
Actual PUE - 1.75 at 20% Load

IT infrastructure design for TIER III
Multipath optical fiber on 3 circuits
High end border routing equipment Juniper MX series
Data Center L2 and L3 switching performed by Cisco Nexus
Complex evolved virtualization platform based on Cisco UCS, HP 3PAR
storage and VMWare VCenter/Vsphere
Cluster balancing technology from A10 Networks
Advanced traffic anomaly detection and cleaning with Arbor System technology
Complete internal data circuits distribution with Panduit materials

Adiabatic & Free cooling - Indoor for IT Containers:
60 racks with average power of 7 KW arranged in 3 cold aisle with 20 racks each resulting in a total power of 140KW / cold aisle
24 LCU providing 20KW of cooling arranged in 3 cold aisle resulting in 8 units / row with a capacity of cooling of 160KW (7+1)
In-line positioning with racks, Cold-Isle/Hot Isle containment with front to back airflow
Cooling agent: thermic agent with heat transfer properties optimized for whole range of meteorological conditions
Chiller water cooling - Outdoor:
3 x 300KW chiller units with Free Cooling mechanism
"Air-Conditioning" type water cooling - compressors based in 12 steps (4 independent compressors / chiller unit)
N+1 Redundant compressors, ventilators and other components (according to TIER III standards for cooling)
Automation system for adjusting electrical energy consumption
Adiabatic & Free cooling - Indoor for Power containers
4 units 30KW
N+1 redundancy type according to TIER III standards for power supply

Total installed power 480 kW x 2 with redundancy in 2 lines
2 automatic back-up diesel generators one for each line
Accumulators pack - 108 with 100 Ah capacity for each power box
2 UPS of 40 kVA for chiller pumps
2 UPS of 20 kVA for interior modules of inline cooling units
2 heating pumps and 1 ice pillar for extra heat removal before Chillers
1 wind turbine with 2 KW - providing auxiliary power
80 x 250W (20 KW) photovoltaic farm - compensating in extra hot summer days

Hardened steel Racks:
45U racks space proving at least 42U usable IT Equipment
Depth: 1000mm
Width: standard 19''
PDU: for each Rack 2 PDU three-phase power supply of 400V - Maximum power 11 KW redundant/ Rack, each PDU with 24 IEC13 sockets and 6 IEC19 sockets
Assembling on metallic anti vibration and anti seismic system

Virtualization system
Cisco UCS Blade Server System
5 x Blade server chassis each with 8 blade server units installed
Installed processing power ~ 1800 VCPU
Installed memory : 7168 GB
HP 3PAR 7400 Enterprise Storage Dual controller with 200TB of usable space (250TB installed)
Storage: even mix of SAS/NL-SAS disk
Switching: Integrated Cisco switch fabric with extra 32 port 10GB for external connectivity
VMWare VSphere/VCenter Enterprise plus virtualization system

Complex security system
Fire detection system
Smoke detection sensor
Temperature sensor
Fire extinguisher cylinders
Fire detection station
Exterior fire alarm control panel from fast access from outside
Dual power source, both from main power supply and UPS
Access control module
Emergency fire path - both mechanical and electromagnetic
Magnetic stripe card access
Unlimited user access with multiple roles and rights
Control panel integration with fire detection and extinguisher system - automatic fire path unlocking
Real time reports and history : access type, users, access path, etc.
Surveillance system
HD IP cameras
NVR recording and monitoring
Minimum 30 days data storage in

Complex monitoring and management software suite integrating all hardware and software components installed in the datacenter infrastructure (power elements, cooling elements, security & surveillance, sensors & monitoring devices)
Data center components detailed charts and schematics (racks, cooling, power, surveillance, control access, sensors, etc.)
IT Equipment layout
Power supply, circuits and distribution
Chillers, LCU, cooling paths
Surveillance, access control, firefighting systems
Humidity, temperature, air quality, flood sensor system
Renewable energy controllers
Real time & Historical monitoring for all managed systems
Statistics, Graphics and Analysis of various parameters
Friendly graphical web user interface compatible with most modern browsers

Physical connections (L1):
3 paths geographically and logically independent underground optical fiber links - 144 optical wires available
Open Third-party fiber optic interconnection cabinet easily accessible from any underground infrastructure
Logical connections (L2-L3):
Data center node is included in main N x 10Gbps metropolitan multi-ring core network of 2K Telecom, providing high capacity resilient communications with most POP or exchange nodes
Juniper MPLS Switches and Routers provide any type of logical connection (L2 circuits, VPLS, L3 VPN, QinQ, Dark Fiber, TDM transport, etc.)
External connections (National&Internet)
2KTelecom is member of public Internet Exchanges: Interlan, Balkan-IX RoNIX, NxData, IBM Data Center, INES Datacenter, Cyberhost Datacenter
Extra private national interconnection with leading ISP providers improve capacity and latency
Optimized Balanced Access to Internet is achieved through major world wide Internet Carriers (M247/NTT, Telekom/LEVEL3)

AdNet Data Center
AdNet Telecom Core
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