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Promotion by Stackscale, expiring Aug 30, 2024

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Private cloud servers and Bare-metal.
Designed to meet the most demanding workloads and accelerate digital transformation, while keeping the IT budget under control. Our private cloud servers provide a hybrid solution between the traditional environment — robust and secure —, and public cloud services — functional, flexible and scalable.

Stackscale private cloud nodes are based on the latest Cascade Lake microarchitecture from Intel® — the first one to introduce in-hardware mitigations for the notorious Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities —, and powered by the most efficient Intel® Xeon® processors. Moreover, all our nodes include a hardware RAID controller with 8GB NVRAM, and our dual processor models support NVMe U2 disks and offer great scalability, performance, density and security.
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Included Markets:

Included Data Centers:
Calle de Alfonso Gómez 4 (MAD4)
Calle de Emilio Muñoz 49-51 (MAD3)
NorthC Almere
Calle de Albasanz 73 (MAD2)
Equinix MD2

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