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FCCN SE03/GigaPix II

Piso 1, Avenida do Brasil 101
1700-066 Lisbon
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Private Cabinets

RCTS Central Node
"Rede Ciencia Tecnologia e Sociedade"
Portuguese Research & Education Network

This datacenter also holds one of GigaPix/Lisbon nodes

About GigaPix

FCCN since several years promotes a national neutral exchange point for IP traffic, named GigaPix, which was also a founding member of the european internet exchanges association, Euro-IX.

GigaPix main goals are to:
Improve interconnection quality between IP networks operating in Portugal.
Avoid international resources usage for transit of IP packets with source and destination in Portugal.
At the physical layer, GigaPix makes available for every IUG an UTP port, with a RJ45 female connector.
At the connection layer, GigaPix provices the following protocols: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
A 220V power socket is provided, supported by UPS and a diesel generator.
Temperature surveillance and humidity control are performed.

Space is provided on a 19 inch cabinet, to the maximum of 40 cm in height (around 8 rack units). This space should contain all IUG's equipment, including any units for termination of data transmission (Modem, DSU) and eventual elements for automatic recovery (backups).
Contacts are made available to be used during working hours and remaining periods (7/24/365).

A distribution e-mail list for all administrative and technical IUG contacts is provided.

FCCN SE03/GigaPix II - Edificio Manuel Rocha
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Data Center Operator at
FCCN SE03/GigaPix II
Piso 1, Avenida do Brasil 101
Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal