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Rua Intermedia 8
7000-171 Évora
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ADRAL - Alentejo Regional Development Agency - has been in since 2004 developing together with local authorities (Association of Municipalities, University, Regional Tourism Agency) and other local organizations projects on ICT. One of the major accomplishments was the development of an advanced Data Centre to serve regional partners and SMEs. Conscious of the gap between major national/international data centers and local SME needs, ADRAL is promoting services based on this Data Centre to help local ICT Companies serve their customers better.
CTD has been deployed in 2004 and aggregates now several ICT services for local municipalities and agencies. Supported on a 640km/10Gb fiber network connecting all partners and several SMEs it will play major role in the regional development.

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Data Center Operator at
Rua Intermedia 8
Headquartered in Evora, Portugal