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PNT Datacenter Opole

Science and technology park in Opole
Technologiczna 2
45-839 Opole
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The PNT Data Center, situated in the Science and Technology Park in Opole, Poland, offers a comprehensive suite of data center services, emphasizing security, reliability, and high availability. Established in 2019, this facility spans approximately 500 square meters and is distinguished as the first in Poland to achieve a Rated 3 certification according to ANSI/TIA 942 standards. This certification underscores the data center's commitment to maintaining an uptime of 99.982%, ensuring that it meets rigorous requirements for infrastructure and operational excellence.
Core Services
The PNT Data Center provides a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, including:
Server Collocation: Offering space within its facility for clients to house their servers, ensuring they benefit from the data center's robust infrastructure and security measures.
Dedicated Space Rental: Allowing businesses to rent dedicated space for their IT infrastructure, providing flexibility and scalability.
Infrastructure Rental: Clients can rent the necessary IT infrastructure, reducing the need for significant upfront investment in hardware.
These services are designed to minimize investment costs for clients while accommodating their specific requirements and upholding the highest security standards.
Technological Infrastructure
The facility is equipped with essential amenities to ensure uninterrupted service and optimal performance:
Power Supply: Supported by two power lines from separate points, guaranteeing a reliable power supply.
Air Conditioning: Efficient air conditioning systems maintain optimal operating temperatures for IT equipment.
Access Protection and Monitoring: Round-the-clock monitoring through a dedicated management system, along with CCTV surveillance and controlled access, ensures the security of the facility.
Network Connectivity: A WAN and LAN fiber optic network capable of data transmission speeds of up to 10Gbit/s facilitates high-speed data transfer and connectivity.
Additional Features
Storware Backup and Recovery: The data center has implemented the Storware Backup and Recovery solution to protect its virtual environment. This solution offers flexibility, reliability, and a wide range of features such as deduplication, application recovery, and centralized management, making it an effective choice for data protection.
The PNT Data Center's strategic location in the Science and Technology Park in Opole not only positions it as a key player in the technological infrastructure of the region but also aligns it with the park's broader mission to support economic and scientific development. By offering modern, secure, and reliable data center services, the PNT Data Center plays a crucial role in fostering business growth and innovation in high technologies, thereby contributing to the creation of effective links between science and business.

PNT Datacenter Opole - Centrum Przetwarzania Danych PNT w Opolu
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Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in PNT Datacenter Opole, other data centers in Opole or operated by Science and technology park in Opole, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Science and technology park in Opole

Science and technology park in Opole

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PNT Datacenter Opole
Technologiczna 2
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