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Lindeberg Næringsvei 26
1067 Oslo
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Experience the Future of Data Centers with BDC: Redefining Sustainability and Efficiency

Unleashing Innovation in 21st Century Data Centers

Welcome to BDC, where cutting-edge technology meets environmental consciousness. Our state-of-the-art data center is not just a facility; it's a vision for the future. Discover how BDC is revolutionising the data center industry through sustainable practices, unrivalled connectivity, and unparalleled energy efficiency.

Pioneering Sustainability: A Circular Economy Approach

At BDC, we don't just adapt to the future – we shape it. Our commitment to sustainability drives every aspect of our operations. By harnessing waste heat, we close the loop on energy consumption, minimising our carbon footprint and contributing to a circular economy. As the world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, BDC stands as a beacon of responsible progress.

Limitless Scalability: Your Vision, Our Infrastructure

Dream big, and let BDC's infrastructure transform your aspirations into reality. With the capacity to accommodate a staggering 1MW IT-load and atl least 200 racks, our data center provides the canvas for your digital ambitions.

Connectivity Redefined: Empowering Your Network

Experience the future of connectivity with BDC's fiber optic marvel. Each rack is seamlessly integrated with abundant fiber, creating a symphony of data transfer possibilities. Our commitment to accessibility extends to our cost-effective cross-connects, enabling effortless collaboration between customers and operators. Your network's potential is truly limitless within BDC's interconnected ecosystem.

Efficiency at Its Zenith: Powering Performance, Conserving Energy

In the heart of BDC, efficiency isn't just a buzzword – it's our guiding principle. We're not just energy-conscious; we're energy pioneers. Our data center exclusively houses the most advanced, energy-efficient equipment, ensuring optimal performance while significantly reducing power consumption. Our equipment also participate in smart grid services like FFR. Join us in shaping a greener, more sustainable digital landscape.

Elevate Your Future with BDC

In an era where technological prowess meets environmental responsibility, BDC stands as a testament to what's possible. Join us in ushering a new era of data centers – one where innovation, sustainability, and efficiency converge seamlessly. Elevate your digital future with BDC and be part of a transformation that transcends the ordinary. Your journey to a better, greener, and more connected tomorrow starts here.

Virtual Tour - Our 1MW data center location in Oslo, Norway.
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Blix Solutions AS
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