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BlueFjords AS

Bluefjords AS
Jostedal Datacenter
6868 Gaupne
Western Norway, Norway
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BlueFjords - a datacenter Company offering rack for hire, colocation, whitespace, hosting & housing through at modern facility in Western-Norway. 100% green and redundant hydropower, cooled by latest generation indirect Air to Air-coolers and highly effective UPS's, leads to faboulous PuE. Great surplus ( >100 MW ) of hydropower in the region gives 100% guaranteed renewable power to the datacenter. The site is just 300 meters from the powerplant with feedings from another 3 local plants. Through local partners BlueFjords offers remote hands, virtual servers and hosting of individuasl servers at multippel platforms.
The datacenter-site is in a zoned area for datacenter-facilities and could easily be expanded to a 15 MW site with more than 3.000 sq meters white-space. The 1. building stage is at 0,5 MW and are ready for customers by november 2014. Full redundancy on energy ( + generator ) 2N+1, cooling N+1, UPS/battery 2N and redundant fiber on site.
The area is close to the scenic Jostedal glacier and Sognefjord - in Luster Municipality/Western-Norway, in the proximity of harbour, fjords and local airport. In the region there are highschools, universities and an international research-center.
BlueFjords - Jostedal datacenter -Pure energy - Powered by glacier.

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Bluefjords AS
Data Center Operator at
BlueFjords AS
Jostedal Datacenter
Headquartered in Gaupne, Norway