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Fjellhallen Bergen

Hardangerveien 48A
5224 Bergen
Hordaland, Norway
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A recent Gartner analysts report - "Save Up to 50% on European Colocation by Choosing the Right Location", shows that companies can cut Operational Expenses (OPEX) significantly by locating parts of their IT-infrastructure to Norway, where power costs are significantly lower than in the UK and other European countries.

The report reconfirms Hatteland's position, that significant savings are achievable by smart relocating to datacenters similar our Tier-4 EMP-secure (80dB pulse suppression) mountain datacenter.

Electric power in Norway is about 40-50% of the average pricing in the UK stemming from an overcapacity of supply from zero carbon emission hydro power stations. Consequently, power pricing is predicted to continue to fall in Norway, allowing up to 10 year contracts with fixed kWh pricing giving predictable OPEX.

Hatteland has an environmental focus, at our "Nedre Vats" site Hatteland uses "free cooling" provided by nearby fjords and waterways. This allows our customers a reduction in their carbon footprint by using our services.

Hatteland's main (Tier-4) datacenter is located in "Nedre Vats" accommodated by an optional site in Bergen. The Bergen site is a formerly top-secret military mountain operation center, with multiple power - including dual input power grids.

Additionally located in "Nedre Vats" is our datacenter II approx. 100 meters from the main facilities. Datacenter II is parted by a river giving it the same green footprint and with 2N power and cooling configuration.

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Data Center Operator at
Fjellhallen Bergen
Hardangerveien 48A
Headquartered in Nedre Vats, Norway