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Walter Rhodes CX2

Walter Rhodes Data Services Sdn Bhd
Jalan Teknologi 1
63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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The high complexity and cost of running a data storage infrastructure has driven many businesses to seek companies that are better resourced to take on the task and deliver full security and resilience. Walter Rhodes provides the space for providers that intend to tap into this demand. Walter Rhodes Data Services is an offering that was recently introduced under the group’s portfolio. The firm provides flexible infrastructure to ensure that businesses are well-supported as they grow.

Walter Rhodes’ data centre facility is situated within the CX2 building that is located at Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s very own Silicon Valley. Occupying a space of 17,500 sq. ft., the data center is built carefully to ensure that clients attain the most out of a secure data centre infrastructure and reliable network connectivity.

The data centre also takes on a green approach in running its operations; it is designed to optimize energy efficiency whilst minimising impact on the environment. The facility is built to harness sustainable energy by recycling resources and reducing power wastage. This approach allows organizations to operate in an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly data facility.

Walter Rhodes Data Services are versatile; entailing assistance in consultancy, installation and integration, and on-site maintenance. This is done to enable providers to deploy scalable technologies that will ensure that their clients’ data storage becomes a reliable extension of their IT infrastructure.

Walter Rhodes Data Services provides organisations with the right facility to ensure that they consistently achieve optimum levels of performance, availability and protection for critical business applications. From the data centre space provided by Walter Rhodes, providers are able to service a full spectrum of offerings including:

Off-site Data Housing
Walter Rhodes Data Services provides the convenience for organizations that have a large database and require faster and bigger bandwidth. Off-site data housing solves the problem of businesses having to set up their own data storage facility which comes with myriad prerequisites such as requirement of a large space, safety and redundancy systems, and support personnel to manage the facility. The data centre gives providers the flexibility to manage, maintain and secure its operating systems and applications whilst offering the space and redundancy solutions for them to do so. Off-site data housing also enables clients to access information at real-time across geographical lines.

Migration Services
Providers are able to facilitate end-to-end migration services; from migration planning to post-migration activities, as well as reporting and testing. An approach of seamless transition can be taken to help clients migrate their data, systems, and servers efficiently without interrupting daily operations.

Disaster Recovery
An organization’s database forms the backbone of its operations. As such, the data centre space can help providers ensure that mission-critical data are recovered promptly in instances of natural disasters or human error. Companies may provide consolidated back-up solutions, remote site data replication, documentation, and testing to ensure that all data is well-secured. An in-house team can skilfully attend to emergency issues and manage the recovery plan to ensure business continuity for clients.

Hosting Services
Companies can reduce their IT operational and infrastructure costs by hosting their data from Walter Rhodes’ data centre. Providers may deploy the necessary enterprise hardware and a dedicated in-house team to carry the task of ensuring smooth-running operations around the clock. In addition, the data centre’s infrastructure is able to run with any bandwidth carrier of choice.

Infrastructure Design
Walter Rhodes’ data centre space is versatile and allows providers to operate in various areas and in a complex, multi-platform environment. Beyond providing cutting-edge and robust data infrastructure, Walter Rhodes also takes into consideration peripheral areas which support the data centre. This is why the CX2 facility is selected as it is carefully-planned to ensure the flow of people and equipment around the building is safe, secure, and efficient.

Project Management
Services in project management give clients assistance in analysis, planning, and management of their data relocation project. The scope of project management services that providers can provide is vast, ranging from simple to highly complex deployment of technology and systems. A team of IT professionals can also be allocated to advise and help clients deploy improvements for better network improvements.

Technical Specification
Walter Rhodes’ data facility occupies an entire floor with a built up of 17, 000 sq. ft. It is a high-end facility that is designed to allow ease of maintenance while ensuring the highest level of security is achieved. Operation and maintenance of the facility is delivered efficiently via well-documented processes to ensure maximum operability. This, combined with multiple layers of redundancy offered by providers, means that clients are assured of a safe and extremely reliable data centre environment.

The primary data centre environmental specification is as follows:

• Purpose-built data centre facility
• Raised flooring with 1 meter height on sunken floor
• Heat-insulated walls and double slab roofing to prevent water leakage

• Dual incoming electricity from different substations, switchyards, power generation stations
• Lighting protection based on Faraday Cage law
• 8MVA UPS capacity on parallel redundant configuration
• Power density up to 150 W per sq. ft.

• 109 CCTV cameras
• 24x7 manned command centre

• Distribution boards
• Power generators
• Precision AC
• Water-detection system
• High sensitivity smoke detection
• Fire alarm and fire extinguishing system
• Temperature and humidity monitoring

• Carrier neutral
• MDF rooms
• Incoming data manhole
• Data risers

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Walter Rhodes Data Services Sdn Bhd
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Walter Rhodes CX2
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