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Basis Bay Green Data Centre

Basis Bay SDN BHD
4710 Jalan Cyber Point 5
63000 Cyberjaya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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LOCATION (Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur)

- Away from High Risk Industries such as chemical/steel/paper (Yes)
- Away at least 500m from petrolrelated industries (Yes)
- Away from High Traffic (Yes)
- Proximity to Police Station Police Station is 100m away
- Proximity to Fire Station Fire Station is 1km away
- Proximity to Kuala Lumpur 30km to KLCC
- Proximity to Airport 10km to KLIA
- Access to Highway LDP, PLUS, Federal Highways, KESAS
- Distance to Sea 30km from Straits of Malacca


- Train - KLIA Transit Train (from KL Sentral ‐ Putrajaya)
- Feeder Bus Service Transit Feeder Service
- Taxi Services Available from Cyberjaya Bus Terminal (1km away)


- Accommodation Hotels ‐ CyberView Lodge
- Healthcare Putrajaya Government Hospital
- Petrol Kiosks Petronas Petrol Station
- Fire Fighting Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Cyberjaya
- Education University College and Schools
- Food Food Court and Restaurants
- Banks Public Bank and Maybank


- Cleaning Building Cleaning Services
- Pest Control Pest Control Services
- Waste Management Waste Management Services
- Common Meeting Rooms Discussion room for 6pax
- Common Meeting Rooms Meeting room for 8pax
- Conference Room Accommodate 20 people
- Cafeteria
- Nearby Cafeteria – Hot & Cold
- Refreshments


- Type Purpose Built Data Centre Facility
- Floor 4 storey detached structure
- Roof - Double slab roof to prevent water leakages
- Floor Loading Tier 4 class
- Floor Height Tier 4 class
- Raised Flooring Tier 4 class
- Parking bays - bays 70bays (10% utilization for daily operation)
- Loading facility - Purpose built loading deck and service lobby on every floor

Data Centre Space
- Location Area: more than 77,000 sq ft
- Built up Area: Approximately 20, 000sq ft


Room Condition
- Constant 22ºC ±1ºC. Relative humidity 50% ± 10%

Cooling Density
- 40W/ft2(Upgradeable – with provision for localized cooling for blade systems)
- Water Detection
- Water detection system connected along perimeter of data centre
- Cooling Configuration N+1


Early warning smoke detection
- HSSD and Smoke Detection System is recognized as being the most sensitive laser base system in environment such as computer areas.

Fire alarm system
- Addressable fire panel is a modular system designed to meet the needs of standalone or multi node networks

Data Centre fire suppression system
- Water Mist System
- Portable fire extinguishers
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Multi Purpose Dry Chemical (ABC) portable fire extinguishers are available throughout the facility (common and data centre)


Perimeter and common space monitoring
- CCTV cameras are placed at strategic location (Around the facility and common areas)
- Security guard checkpoint at entrance to building compound
- All entry/exit recorded based on proper identification & documentation
- Command Centre 24x7 manned command centre

Security Access System
• Bio‐metric readers
• Access card readers
• Face recognition system (optional)
• Turnstile controlled single entry point
• Burglar Alarm
• Motion detector
• Laser Point‐to‐point coverage for perimeter


- Electrical Services ‐ HT (Yes)
- Electrical Services ‐ LV (Yes)
- Distribution boards (Yes)
- Digital Power Meter (Yes)
- Power Generators (Yes)
- UPS (Yes)
- Precision AC (Yes)
- Water Detection System (Yes)
- HSSD (Yes)
-Fire Alarm System (Yes)
- Fire Suppression System (Yes)
- Temperature (Yes)
- Humidity (Yes)


- MDF Room Dual Carriers
- Incoming Data Manhole Dual Carriers
- Data Risers Dual Carriers

Service Providers
- Telekom
- Time

Satellite Enabled Optional

- UPS N+1, Tier 4
- Genset N+1, 1500kva
- Incoming Power Source from Dual Power Grid connected separately up to rack level Maximum Load 3.5MW
- Floor Loading 7.5kN, Tier 4
- Power capacity 150w/sqft, Tier 4

Many other features available upon specific inquiry.

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Basis Bay Green Data Centre, other data centers in Cyberjaya or operated by Basis Bay SDN BHD, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Basis Bay SDN BHD

Basis Bay SDN BHD

Data Center Operator at
Basis Bay Green Data Centre
4710 Jalan Cyber Point 5
Headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia