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European Data Hub has a unique business model where we partner with major worldwide key players active in various sectors to provide the best and most complete support to international clients having some activities in Luxembourg. Among others we work with Computer Sciences Corporation (, Johnson Control International (, iTracs ( for the entire DCIM part and a few other partners. Thus we make sure that every international project gets the best level and range of services available. The model is quite successful and we are hosting some major worldwide leaders in various sectors of activities.

European Data Hub provides:
1. World-class facilities: Most advanced and efficient date center infrastructure with fully redundant systems for electricity, cooling and .telecommunications TierIV design. Rack based services, mutualised room, caging and private rooms.
2. Highly secure facilities: Fully underground data centre with multi-level physical security systems. 24x7 onsite security and technical team. Cameras, digit-code and motion detection systems in each floor, room or private suite.
3. Market leading service levels: Through a long term agreement with Computer Science Corporation ( European Data Hub Clients will benefit from the experience and the support from a worldwide major outsourcing provider having decades of experience in the data centre and managed services business.
4. Flexibility to provide customized solutions: European Data Hub provides with and via its partner CSC a large range of most adapted customized solutions ranging from consultancy, room design and optimization, connectivity, monitoring services, hands on and managed services, equipment installation and supervision, network and telecommunication management.
5. Carrier neutrality: European Data Hub provides a country unique configuration of a TierIV Data Centre in with an entirely carrier neutral telecommunication policy. Major Telecomm providers are present in the European Data Hub Date Centre and fully redundant connections are available.
6. Certifications: European Data Hub works in a unique configuration where the entire operating work and expertise are covered by an international team of CSC staff having long term experience in implementing and applying proven policies and procedures with a large range of certifications.
7. Local expertise, worldwide network: CSC has chosen European Data Hub's TierIV Data Centre to become its pole of competences and expertise for Europe. Luxembourg becomes the place where their most strategical projects and clients are going to be located and around them a large team composed of local staff with support from the world wide CSC organization. European Data Hub's clients will all benefit from CSC local presence and worldwide expertise for all day to day operations as well as for any bespoke solutions.
8. Certifications: after achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 270001, ISO 50001, OHSAS18001, SAS 70 Certification and Global SAP Certified Provider of Cloud Services, Application Management Services and Hosting Services a new set of accreditations have been obtained.
. Accreditation by the Uptime Institute for the Tier 4 Design of our data centre.
. The European Code of Conduct for the implementation of best practices.
. eco Datacenter 5 Stars .*****

This demonstrates the continuing commitment of European Data Hub, with its partners CSC, JCI and iTRACS, to deliver the highest quality of service and to rank amongst Europe's most advanced data centers in terms of design, implementation but, above all, in operation and service delivery.

The main characteristics of this first-tier data centre are:
. 5500m² underground IT rooms with:
. A total height of 4.50 meters from concrete floor to ceiling
. Special IT floors with a capacity of 2000kg per m2, built 80 cm or more above the concrete floor
. Standard power supply of 1000 Watts per m2, available from day one
. Extension planned to 2000 Watts per m2
. Two high-security concrete walls surrounding the entire data centre
. Technical infrastructure completely build in 100% S+S standard
. Full redundancy for all air and water cooling systems and production of electricity.
. Back-up connections for all electrical circuits and communications lines.
. Static and rotative UPS with 5-day autonomy (200,000 litres of available fuel)
. Water pipes and electricity cabling built as a ring with two entries to each rack.
. Standard height of 3 meters for all doors and elevators
. Elevators built to carry up to 3.6 tonnes
. Guaranteed temperature of 24 degrees (+/- 2 degrees)
. Free chilling standard to improve the performance ratio of the cooling circuits
. On top of free chilling the Drosbach Data centre will be equipped with dedicated systems to recuperate more than 3 Mio Watts from the IT rooms in order to heat the 65.000 sqm office space surrounding it.
. Possibility for water-cooled racks
. Dedicated corridors for maintenance and IT operations.
. Cooling racks in a dedicated technical corridor outside the IT rooms.
. A dedicated Centralised Technical Management System.
. A dedicated Centralised Security Management System.
. Total independence of the data centre from the external environment.

In addition, a brand new office centre of 65.000 m2 is available near the data centre, with a conference centre of 500 seats, a retail bank branch, dedicated offices, meeting rooms and up to 1000 disaster recovery positions, if requested.

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eco 5 Stars
TIER IV Design
State of the art, Tier IV
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