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IDC Frontier Kanagawa Yokohama

IDC Frontier
1-12 Ōnochō
221-0055 Yokohama
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The IDC Frontier Kanagawa Yokohama Data Center is strategically situated in the bustling Kanagawa Yokohama Bay Area, a hub of corporate growth and large-scale redevelopment. This prime location offers excellent accessibility from central Yokohama and the Minato Mirai 21 district, making it an ideal site for businesses seeking connectivity and convenience. The data center boasts robust facilities capable of withstanding significant seismic activity, featuring earthquake-resistant design to ensure operational continuity even in the event of natural disasters. With redundant power supply and air conditioning systems, alongside a comprehensive security setup, the IDC Frontier Kanagawa Yokohama Data Center provides a secure and resilient environment for critical data and IT infrastructure.

IDC Frontier Kanagawa Yokohama Data Center
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IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier

Data Center Operator at
IDC Frontier Kanagawa Yokohama
1-12 Ōnochō
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan